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Tote Bag Boltanski | Animitas blanc
Tote Bag Boltanski | Animitas blanc

Tote Bag Boltanski | Animitas blanc

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A colorful tote bag to go through the winter!


Thirty-five years have passed since Christian Boltanski's first exhibition at the Center Pompidou. Conceived by Boltanski himself as a wandering in the heart of his work, this new exhibition is less a retrospective than a sequence of moments marking the stages and metamorphoses of his remarks.

In some fifty works punctuating the career of Christian Boltanski, this wide crossing of the work of Boltanski makes it possible to measure the magnitude and the ambition marked by his history and a half-century of meditations on the function and the word of the artist in our societies.

The work :
Animitas blanc, 2017
Video with sound, 16/9 format, HD, time : 13 hours, 36 seconds. Balls of tissue.


100% Natural cotton bag
Dimensions: 37 x 42 cm
Made in Europe

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