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Exhibition Catalog | Ellsworth Kelly
Exhibition Catalog | Ellsworth Kelly

Exhibition Catalog | Ellsworth Kelly

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Under the direction of Jean-Pierre Criqui


An American sculptor and painter, Ellsworth Kelly is best known for his minimalist works. and abstract. Shortly before his death, December 27, 2015. Ellsworth Kelly decides to donate to the Center Pompidou one of his most famous works, Window, Museum or Modern Art, Paris (1949), which has become since its creation one major milestones in the history of 20th century art.
Although her painting is abstract in appearance, she actually takes up the motif of the structure of the Palais de Tokyo window. This is the principle of "already made" as Kelly named it himself.

In tribute to this exceptional gift, the Pompidou Center hosts the series of 6 works bearing the title "Window".


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