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Reproduction Baselitz | B pour Larry
Reproduction Baselitz | B pour Larry

Reproduction Baselitz | B pour Larry

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From 20 October 2021 to 7 March 2022, the Centre Pompidou presents the first comprehensive exhibition of the German artist Georg Baselitz - The Retrospective. It brings together his masterpieces from the last six decades in chronological order and reveals his most important creative periods.


Intimately linked to the artist's own experience and imagination, the powerful works of Georg Baselitz reveals his constant replayed questioning of the possibilities of depicting his memories, the variations of traditional painting techniques and motifs, the aesthetic forms established over the course of art history, as well as the formalisms dictated and conveyed within the different political and aesthetic regimes of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, demonstrating the complexity of being a painter in post-war Germany.


The reproduction is sold with a paper frame
30 x 40 cm

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