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Adhesive notepaper | Beat Generation
Adhesive notepaper | Beat Generation

Adhesive notepaper | Beat Generation

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Your head is plenty of sketches, shopping lists, thoughts and wishes?
More than a simple pad, this lovely adhesive notepaper is a smart object which will help you to organize all your ideas!
The cover reproduces a iconic document of the Beat Generation : a great source of inspiration...


Foreshadowing the youth culture and the cultural and sexual liberation of the 1960s, the emergence of the Beat Generation in the years following the Second World War, just as the Cold War was setting in, scandalised a puritan and Mc Carthyite America. Then seen as subversive rebels, the Beats appear today as the representatives of one of the most important cultural movements of the 20th century.


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Éditions du Centre Pompidou
Stationery, Notebooks