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Audio CD - Klee and music
Audio CD - Klee and music

Audio CD - Klee and music

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Discover Paul Klee's musical world.


Paul Klee always shared the outlook of the avant-garde, in Munich, Berlin,
at the Bauhaus, in Bern, except in one area, that of music.

Son of musicians, husband of a concert pianist and himself a very accomplished violinist, he expressed views in this field that one could call both expert and conservative.

In his eyes musical creation reached its highpoint in the golden age of the eighteenth century which stretched from Bach to Beethoven, with Mozart as its cornerstone. Our programme brings you some examples of
works he liked to play with his wife and friends as well as a glimpse of his
own taste as a music-lover.

Apart from a few examples from composers he had met, such as Bartok, or with whom he was in close contact, such as Hindemith, for example, this album follows the musical doctrine he espoused throughout his life and appears above all as a "manifesto" of Classicism.


8 x 125 x 140 MM
Éditions du Centre Pompidou
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